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... through the collaboration of several different companies offering complementary skills. We focus on the Quality of Service and Engineering of cellular telecommunications networks. By drawing on an international network of suppliers and partners, we work in close collaboration with our clients for the deployment, monitoring and performance improvement of Networks, and that relating to the Quality of Service offered to cellular network end users. Today, we are proud to include amongst our clients many operators, regulators and network infrastructure vendors in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


philosophy ...

... behind telecommunications is enabling people to communicate more effectively with one another. A lively spirit fostering communication always has a greater impact than two experts who remain closed off through the certainty of their own knowledge. We therefore focus our thoughts and actions on your teams, building strong, sustainable, long-term relationships. We ensure our own development by drawing on the human factor, and by working on the premise that it is your teams driving the tools, methods and technology, and not the other way around.

We are primarily concerned with professions relating to
Measuring the Quality of Service and Engineering
of cellular telecommunication networks.

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Organises and conducts radio audits, Quality of Service audits and physical on-site audits of your networks. G-TECH also offers operational support services during phases of deployment and optimisation.

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Advises Regulators on the Regulatory, Technical and Organisational aspects relating to Monitoring the Quality of Service of Telecommunications Networks. PMIConseil trains and supports Regulators in the implementation of Global Measures for Monitoring the Quality of Service of National Telecommunications Networks.

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The Pragma Group shares information with you
relating to the Quality of Service domain
and telecommunications networks.

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